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Why Parents Like The Red Card Meal Plan

529 Plans

  • 529 Plan college spending accounts can be used to fund the Red Card Meal Plan.
    • Have your financial institution send us a check directly (make sure the student’s name is displayed on the check) or email to request a receipt for reimbursement.


  • Assurance that “food money” is being spent as intended—only on food
  • Prevents spending food allowance on the wasteful items so easily purchased with cash, and debit or credit cards
  • Purchase of alcohol and tobacco products is prohibited

Ease of Use

  • Conveniently manage and monitor meal plan account and transactions online
  • Automatically add funds to your student’s account every 1, 2, or 4 weeks with our “Recurring Allowance” feature
  • Carry over account balances from semester to semester and year to year—no money is wasted
  • Students can order food from local restaurants through Red Card’s online ordering partner, EatStreet.


  • Notifies you automatically via email when your student’s balance drops below $30

Financial Responsibility

  • Helps your student budget his or her food money and avoid costly ATM fees, finance charges, and credit card debt
[mpc_vc_testimonials_slider][{“author”:”Debra B., Red Card Parent”,”text”:”The Red Card has provided our family with an easy, convenient way to support our student’s food purchasing near campus, as well as provide a low-risk way for her to learn to budget her financial resources the first time living on ‘her own’. We like that it also offers so many different retail and restaurant options to choose from close at hand.”},{“author”:”Tracy W., Red Card Parent”,”text”:”My phone messages, Facebook posts, emails and text messages all have a hard time breaking through the academic and social scene of our 2nd year Badger. But a deposit to the Red Card from the homefront garners an immediate contact from our student with appreciation and an update (however short) about life in Mad City. The Red Card has been a great way to offer a break from the campus meal plan and to stay in touch!”},{“author”:”Kathy W., Red Card Parent”,”text”:”My daughter moved into a new apartment this semester and we decided that the Red Card Meal Plan was the way to go! She uses it for groceries, quick meals, and snacks. It’s SO convenient and loading money is no hassle. It is accepted at all of her favorite eateries on State Street and around campus. She also loves the weekly emails updating her on all the deals Red Card gives her. We like that new restaurants are added to this program. She looks forward to trying restaurants that she has not eaten at before. Thanks and keep up the good work!”},{“author”:”Sally H., Red Card Parent”,”text”:”Even though my son still lives in the dorm, with the Red Card plan he has been able to do his own cooking this semester. He loves shopping at Fresh Madison Market. I get to use my 529 money to pay for the card and he gets to cook what he wants.”},{“author”:”Steve E., Red Card Parent”,”text”:”A fabulous program. It’s easy to add money to the account, you can monitor when and where your student eats, and the notification of a low balance is great too!”},{“author”:”Sharon J., Red Card Parent”,”text”:”My daughter loves her Red Card. It gives both her and I peace of mind that I can load her card with readily available cash and she can go to the grocery store and make purchases without worrying about the balance in her bank account. Love this program.”},{“author”:”Carol G., Red Card Parent”,”text”:”My son uses his Red Card mostly at the grocery store and called last week, all excited because he got a free ticket to a concert he really wanted to see from Red Card. The convenience, savings and perks are great!”}][/mpc_vc_testimonials_slider]

Why Students Like The Red Card Meal Plan


  • Exclusive cardholder discounts
  • Weekly & daily promotions


  • Around-the-clock options for buying groceries, dining in, taking out, and food delivery
  • The Red Card app allows you to pay with your phone
  • No more running to the ATM
  • Order delivery through EatStreet, Red Card’s official online ordering partner, and pay with your Red Card on the site


  • Every type of cuisine imaginable is available
  • More than 90 student-favored restaurants to choose from
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